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Vodafone Campus Lab

Boost your professional career

Learn how to lead a team and solve real-world challenges at a global organisation.

Everything we do is to connect for a better future.
Preparing for tomorrow’s challenges begins today.

Vodafone Campus Lab is the training and coaching programme for Vodafone’s future talent.

You will learn to solve complex challenges, lead a team and increase your chances of getting a role in one of the world’s most innovative companies.

You’ll be guided throughout the process by industry leaders to apply what you have learned at university.

100% subsidised training. Limited seats.

*Only available to students from Greece 🇬🇷, Romania 🇷🇴, Turkey 🇹🇷 & University of Malaga (Spain 🇪🇸)

During the programme

Discover and implement the model for solving complex challenges used at Vodafone and other top companies worldwide.

Learn to work within a high-performance team and navigate team conflicts.

Apply everything you’ve learned at university and initiate a project addressing real-world problems.

Develop your professional brand and present your ideas to the Vodafone board.

Access exclusive content crafted by Vodafone’s international technology leaders, your potential future colleagues.

Receive priority access to Vodafone’s early careers programmes.

Over 1900 alumni have demonstrated that programme participants have improved their employability by 40% and increased their salaries by 117% above the national average.

Join the 1900+ participants who have already joined the programme.

Sign up for the programme to become one of Vodafone’s future leaders.

100% subsidised training. Limited seats.

How does the programme work?


Sign up (until 15 December 2023) Registration extended until 12 January 2024!

Complete the form and apply.
Remember, applications are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis until all spots are filled.

Consult the programme’s terms and conditions here.


Find partners for your team (optional)

Form your ideal team with top talents you know: colleagues, friends, etc. We recommend multidisciplinary teams: encompassing technology, business, and creativity.
While forming your own team is not mandatory, it can benefit you throughout the programme.


Team confirmation (January 2024)

Whether you’ve assembled your team or received a team proposal from us, you’ll need to confirm your participation in the programme.


Welcome pack (January 2024)

You’ll receive detailed programme insights and preparation tips before kickoff.


Programme phase 1 (January - March 2024)

Dive into leadership and problem-solving and start the journey to your dream job.


Early Careers Opportunities (February - June 2024)

During the programme, we will share early careers opportunities to join Vodafone.
Remember: you will have priority access.


Programme phase 2 (April - May 2024)

The top 3 teams will refine their business model and master effective communication. Most teams end this phase with real customers or key partnerships.


Final (June 2024)

The best teams present their projects to the Vodafone jury.
You have a high chance of joining the company if you reach this stage.


Fast Track to Vodafone Assessments

Benefit from priority access to the Vodafone selection process, making your hiring smoother and faster.

Elevate your professional profile with the programme and increase your chances to secure your future at Vodafone.

100% subsidised training. Limited seats.


[To be confirmed]

Participating gives you priority access to Vodafone's early careers programmes.

Gift cards:

  • 1000€/person for the 1st team
  • 700€/person for the 2nd team
  • 500€/person for the 3rd team

Just for participating, you're guaranteed priority access to Vodafone's early careers programmes.

Other awards to be confirmed. More information will follow shortly.

00000/person for the 1st team
0000/person for the 2nd team
0000/person for the 3rd team


During the experience, you and your team must solve one of the following challenges.
Please note that the solutions you come up with must use some of these technologies: Augmented Reality, 5G, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data (Analytics) or IoT.

[To be confirmed]

Challenge 1


How could we help society to decarbonise, reduce carbon footprint and enable a global green recovery?

Challenge 2


How can we support cities to become smarter in order to adapt to the demands of urban growth, as well as improve the lives of citizens?

Challenge 3

Socio-economic impact

How can we bridge the rural digital divide to help create new jobs, improve agricultural productivity and enhance local public services?

Challenge 4

Social impact

How could we help our elderly improve their quality of life with new technologies?

Challenge 5


How could we optimise primary care resources to improve patient outcomes and deliver a better caregiver experience?

What do former participants say?

Vodafone Campus Lab has held five editions with more than 1900 participants.

Collaborating universities

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is 100% subsidised by Vodafone.

Successful participants will receive a blockchain certification, validating their participation and newly acquired skills.

Our main goal is to develop and integrate the world’s top talent into Vodafone. While not all profiles will be a match, participants will be given priority access.

*Data from previous editions shows that alumni of the programme have improved their employability by 40%.

Past editions suggest around 5 hours per week during each two-month programme phase.

Alumni greatly value the programme’s support.
We assist your talent development with dedicated mentors and a robust alumni community.

That’s right, the whole programme is conducted in English.

We require you to be fluent in both spoken and written English (approximately Cambridge B2 level or above).

The programme is only available to university students in Greece, Romania and Turkey.

Exceptionally, University of Malaga (Spain) students may also enrol.

Join the programme and boost your career

Apply for the programme and become one of Vodafone's future leaders.

100% subsidised training. Limited seats.

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